Vandalism – Theft

Hey folks…do you get a little tired of people damaging property that doesn’t belong to them? Would you help us out here? Within the last week with most of the damage being on the night of November 15, many road signs were spray-painted with brown and white paint. The road itself was spray-painted in many areas and road signs were also stolen. Much of the damage was very obscene comments spray-painted on roads, signs and mailboxes. Much of this vandalism on the night of November 15 was done on County Road P between Coon Valley and Westby. There was also some signs spray-painted around November 13 on County Road O near Stoddard. Friends, if you have any idea who did this damage, you can submit an ANONYMOUS tip…it is so simple and it will help us stop this awful criminal activity. Please keep your eyes open at night to any suspicious activity! **Special Note: we have many photos but could not post them due to the very obscene comments that were spray-painted.