Thefts From Flood Victims – Vernon County

Vernon County Crime Stoppers, along with the Vernon County Sheriff’s Office and Coon Valley Police Department, is asking for your help.

Crime: Since the recent flooding in areas of Vernon County, there have been reports of suspicious people and vehicles attempting to steal from or scam people. We ask that people be on alert for suspicious people/vehicles that may be trying to scam or steal from people.  All people who claim to work for a legitimate company like FEMA will have proper identification on their person.  Please report any suspicious vehicles to your local authorities. 

**We also want to bring to your attention a couple recent reports we need information on. On 09/08/18, an older female passenger with dark gray, short straight hair got out of a truck (see photo) in Coon Valley and stole a shepherd’s hook from a residence.  The truck was being driven by an unidentified male.  On 09/11/18, it was reported that 6 orange traffic barrels and 8 lights (see photo) were stolen from a bridge project on CTH WW north of Hillsboro.  On 09/17/18, it was reported that 100 feet of welding cable was stolen from a vehicle on STH 33 north of Hillsboro and also a black, plastic double-walled tube culvert (24 inches by 10 feet) and a “Men Working” sign was stolen from Dobbs Valley Rd south of Ontario.      

It is our hope that details of this actual case from police records may cause someone to remember and report what they know about the person or persons involved. Tipsters may be eligible for cash rewards of up to $1,000.00 and will remain anonymous.