**Announcement – P3 Tip Management Program**

Vernon County Crimestoppers would like to announce…..starting on July 12, 2017, we have purchased a new tip management program called P3, which can be found at www.p3tips.com.  Submitting tips has never been easier now and it is completely anonymous.  These tips will continue to be submitted directly to Vernon County Crime Stoppers so do not worry that that your tip is going to some other big company before it hits our lap….not so!

Text tips…GONE but not exactly!  Not a big deal because there is a mobile app for this program and it works great.  The mobile app can be installed from Google Play or Apple App Store.  As soon as you can, please download the P3 app on to your smart phone and get ready to submit tips to Vernon County Crime Stoppers!

Look at the photos and see the different ways you can submit your tips.  Thanks, Crimestoppers partners!!  Without your support, remember, we would not exist!!  Great job, Vernon County!!